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A Song I've Been Loving Lately: Love by Lana Del Rey

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Whispers of moon landings, hazy snapshots of afternoon daydreams, remembered childhood fantasies, and, of course, the simple joy that comes with letting go of all in order to soak in a moment. That's what Lana Del Rey's recent release Love makes me think of.

Never having been much of a fan of hers (or indeed, been knowledgeable on much of her discography), I was pleasantly surprised to come across this gem on Youtube the other day whilst rather desperately pursuing my recent hobby of avoiding life, blog matters included. However, the minute I woke up humming this song's melody at roughly 5AM (also, the seriously abnormal March heat might have contributed to this), I knew it was a keeper. I mean, a 5AM humming session as I stare out at the last of the stars getting eaten up by the early morning sun? The last time that happened was two years ago when I was obsessed with Utada.

So in my humble opinion? It's a must listen--most especially if you're a lover and dreamer type like me.