By Nadia Darwesh

Life Lately #1

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Life lately one feature image Solange Don't Touch My Hair Music Video Screenshot

Catching you up on some of the things that have been driving me crazy (in both good as well as bad ways) over the past few months. Cheers!

Favourite book?

It’s been a lot of young adult lit, so in a way all of them, but also none of them :-)

A music album that I’ve had on repeat…

Recently, Solange Knowles' A Seat At The Table has been a pleasant surprise, what with the kinda sorta throwback 90s RnB vibe it has going on. Also, funnily enough, Sucker by Charli XCX is a record that I can listen to any day. What can I say? It's perfect for when I want to throw myself a spastic solo dance party.

Food cravings that make me feel crazy…

Any fast food from fast food joints in town, and icing-topped pastries.
I've also been discovering the joys that come with having an oven in one's home, something that I had lived without for most of my two decades in this world. In hindsight, 'twas a pity and a sin.

Something that I've loved wearing for a while now...

Flats that are not my sneakers. Whereas cute ballet flats are always nice, I still think that the more the more utilitarian the design, the better.

A film that made my heart go boom-boom...

Pam Grier in Jackie Brown is everything (I saw it for the first time this year). Also: Youth.

Major likes beauty-wise…

Washing my hair and using the ORS Curls Unleashed Green Tea and Mango Shine and Define Mousse on it afterwards for soft detangled strands with a touch of texture. I got it to review for TBSPINK a while back, which I will be doing soon. All I can say for now, keeping in mind that I’m not one to swear—the stuff works. (And if there's any doubt, it's even sold out in their store!)

Major dislikes overall...

Shaving my legs, pretty much every feel-good feminist think piece that I've read in the past few months, all sorts of denim, and white bread.