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What Lifestyle and Wellness Resolutions Have You Set For Yourself In 2017?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Here are some of mine.

Late January confession: I love making resolutions. Absolutely. Completely. Fanatically. And while this year has kicked off on a so-so note, something that I've been adamant about through it all has been my number one resolution to keep going no matter what. Hwaiting!

(Note that this also applies to the less urgent and very-unlikely-to-be-achieved resolutions such as read King Lear the whole way through and get past the first forty pages of A Tale of Two Cities).

That being said, I completely understand the resolution fatigue that's been going around. Even I, the resolution sucker, considered shunning them entirely this year, but alas, the allure of 'the list' was too great for me too ignore. As early as November last year I was drafting mental lists of achievements waiting to be claimed. However, it was while coming up with my points of achievable, absurd and downright weird changes to implement in my life, that it occurred to me how unhealthy it is to live so intently focused on the future that you hardly pay attention to the present.
Alrighty then. Attitude adjustment, lesson learned.

To wit: this year I've decided to go a different direction with my resolutions by (1) keeping them a bit more within my scope of reach, and (2) being extremely intentional on how I'll go about fulfilling them. For as one wise man out there has probably opined, it's the little steps that'll eventually lead us to the big ones.

So read through my resolutions below and thereafter let me know: what are you looking forward to achieving in 2017? And more importantly, how are you going to get there?

My top 10 lifestyle and wellness resolutions for 2017

(1) Spend less time on the internet and more time experiencing 'the real world'.
(2) Lessen my sugar intake (because too much sugar sucks!)
(3) Try out loads of new recipes!!! (And document a few.)
(5) At least 1 hour of prayer and Bible reading every day which will definitely keep me centered.
(6) Remember to connect with people. And be the one that calls.
(7) Put more effort into how I dress & wear more colour!
(8) Get fitter by working out 3X a week, so that a short sprint doesn't make me feel pathetically out of breath.
(9) Stop making excuses when things don't go according to plan. Instead, look for solutions.
(10) Give my all in everything that I do ❤
3 comments on "What Lifestyle and Wellness Resolutions Have You Set For Yourself In 2017?"
  1. I don't think I say this enuf, but I I ve your writing, Nadia. My wellness resolutions have generally included mental health, kindness and tenderness with myself.

    It's so easy to get caught up in failures, delays, being 25 and only being so far "in life"... It's exhausting and steals what little joy there might be.

    1. Heeey Nomali. Thank you!And while we're here I'd like to say that I'm a pretty huge fan of your writing too. There's something about your bold and brassy words that lures me in no matter what. I love it.
      You have some great resolutions going for you. I especially relate with 'tenderness with myself', we all need a little bit of that. And yup, getting caught up is definitely something that we need to cope with. These days I'm trying to get out of the thought process of comparing myself with others and instead try to upgrade from my previous successes. So far, it's working great! As for mental health, yes girl! I don't want any of that depression BS to be part of my quota this year, but it can be a lot to handle, so I like to take it one day at a time, easy as can be.
      As always, thanks for sharing.

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