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Happy New Year!!!

Monday, January 02, 2017

Checking in at 2017.

The year is 2017: welcome to a new world.

At this point it feels trite and cliché for me to rehash and go over what everyone else has been rehashing and going over. Certainly a lot of things changed in the year 2016. There were triumphs and tragedies and shocking outcomes to be had such that even those of us whose worlds weren’t directly rocked by those happenings felt the ripples of their aftermaths. If nothing else all of these helped to emphasize the changing fabric of our existence. For some of us, thinking on both our present and future poses an intimidating question. Yet for others there lies therein a steady reserve of bravery and belief.

On a personal note, my 2016 stood as a bittersweet learning curve. The more the year progressed, the more I became aware of the integrity of time. I came to comprehend with great clarity, perhaps for the first time ever, that there are only 24 hours in a single day. I became hyperaware of each minute within those hours, and subsequently of each second within those minutes. And the more I noted the passage of time, the more burdened I felt. How could I utilize my days in the best way and make up for all my lost moments? And was this even possible?

Something else that I struggled with was my sense of self worth. Never in my life have I hated the sight of my own reflection as much as I did in 2016. Even worse was the battle I fought within to love myself. Everything was wrong. I never felt quite worthy of the idealized image of me that I had set up, and as a result my perfectionist tendencies wore me down. I failed to accomplish most things I set out to achieve, because nothing was ever good enough. I put myself through numerous failed launches and aborted missions. In trying to compose my life into a flawless symphony, I ended up making a mess of a lot of it. It was an exhausting and debilitating experience.

Thankfully by the end of the year I managed to be more forgiving of myself, finally inspiring some forward movement. I implemented a new look to this blog as a first step towards achieving the vision I had for it. I stopped wearing makeup, an endeavor that started out as a rather difficult decision but ultimately ended up being the perfect route to falling back in love with my physical self. I learnt to look towards the little things for joy instead of always craving for the big bigger biggest. Most importantly I let go enough to open myself up: to more hope, more dreams, and more love. The confidence that I gained was astounding—strong enough to withstand not only the possibility of success, but also the probability of failure.

So that was 2016: a work in progress that eventually became a good work in progress ;)

My major goal for this New Year is to keep on with the onward march (of course brushing away all of the annoying bad stuff that so rankled me!), and learn to, as my site’s tagline now reads, simplify all and just be. Furthermore, while times may indeed be a little darker these days, I have decided to carry on as a light. That’s one delightful thing about a new world; that when you put your mind to it you can help mold it into anything you want it to be.

Thus performing my first act of simple illumination, I sign off this message by wishing all of you reading this a wonderful and blessed new year. Make no mistake about it, it will be beautiful.


Editor's Note: The artwork that was originally featured on this post has since been replaced.

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