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The Choker Scarf, Perfected

Friday, December 16, 2016

Never has diving into market piles of second-hand and vintage neck scarves been more appealing.

Close up of a vintage red and white patterned bandana scarf/choker scarf, tied around the neck above a striped and unbuttoned blouse.

Consider the choker scarf. As an accessory it goes a long way to enhancing a look whilst adding a touch of—dare I say—European sophistication. On top of that, it’s one way to play in on the recent choker hysteria that’s been causing oodles of cool-girl fan girls to cry tears of enthusiastic tears all around the globe. Never has diving into market piles of second-hand and vintage neck scarves been more appealing, especially in this end-year December season when venturing into clothes markets bears double the appeal.

I personally have never had a strict checklist when it comes to finding the perfect sort of scarf. It usually depends on a lot of things such as weather, possible outfit combinations, or colours that have been playing on my mind for a while. However, when it comes to the choker scarf I’d have to add in that the lighter and slinkier the make, the better. Bandana scarves are also great for this as they are easy to fold and twist into the desired width before being tied daintily to one’s neck. As far as the material goes, so long as it’s quality stuff (still vibrant colours even after a wash along with consistent and tight stitching), and the original integrity of it hasn’t been badly compromised (no unwieldy tears or holes), then it should be good to go.

A few other pointers to look out for when looking to achieve the perfect choker scarf look include:

Layering: Play it up with other neck accessories such as brooches, cascading necklaces, and even tiered chokers, to name a few.

Loosening: If you’re not one who loves feeling strangled, then here’s a tip for getting on with a choker scarf. After you’ve tied your preferred look, tuck two fingers into the scarf and gently tug outwards to let give you breathing space around the throat without severely messing up the look.

Contrasting: Play around with materials, prints and patterns for a different look. Don’t toss something aside just because it looks too bold or garish. Remember that you can always tone down the rest of the look to really enhance that area .

*Patterned bandana from stall at Adams market, Nairobi.

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